Dreamer’s World May 18, 2018 –

I am through with another week at work. It really flew past, now that I can look back at it. Thankfully, this is my short day, and I will start my weekend at 1430. I am ahead of things and today wasn’t stressful at all.
I cannot remember seeing the sun at all this week. I know this is probably an exaggeration, but not much of one. We are stuck in dreary and rainy weather this week with no end in sight. I try to keep it from affecting my mood, but it is difficult after so many days like this.
Hal and I watched “Deadpool 2” last night. I cannot remember the last time we laughed so much and so often at a movie in the theater. I won’t try to give away the plot, and there are just too many in-jokes and gags to mention. I highly recommend seeing Deadpool 2 to everyone. Make certain you stay until the end for a great Green Lantern reference.
Once work is over, we have errands to run. Bank and grocery store are among the first items on our list. I want to get some items for cooking in the Instant Pot this weekend. The plan is to make chicken breasts with pasta and sauce, with green peppers and onions and mushrooms. I already have the chicken breasts, which are defrosting today, it is the other items that I need to be ready for cooking either tomorrow or Sunday.
Since my cooking won’t happen tonight, we plan to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate the end of the week. No final decision on where we will stop for dinner. I suppose that we might end up at home and order pizza if nothing else. I am going to let Hal decide what we will, or won’t, do this evening.

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