Dreamer’s World May 13, 2018 – Thanks, Mom

      Mother’s Day is upon us once again. Mom is no longer here, she died 17 years ago. I will soon have spent a third of my life without her, but I still remember and love her.
    I remember the times when I told her that I would never forget her. I remember the times when she told me that I was going to be awesome when I grew up. I remember the home-cooked meals that I can never replicate.
    I remember the arguments that I always lost. I remember the hugs. I remember the celebrations after baseball games when I did well. I remember the things that she taught me.
    I remember the times when she was a room mother in elementary school. I remember that the other kids in class thought the world of her. I remember how she hugged each and every child just like she did to me.
    I remember her saying that there wasn’t enough love in the world, unless we made it ourselves. I remember her telling me that I should never look down on anyone, and that looking up to someone was something that they had to earn, it wasn’t freely given.
    I remember her voice on the phone when I went away to college and then on to the Navy. I remember worrying about her being alone since Dad had already died when I was in high school.
    I remember how she always made me feel loved and made the house feel like a home to anyone who came to the door.
     I remember her on her deathbed. I remember telling her that if she had to go, that I would be fine. I remember holding her hand and watching her fade away.
    I remember. I will never forget.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

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