Dreamer’s World May 07, 2018 – Jumping Back Into Things

    After another far-too-short weekend, I am starting Monday at work with a lot on my mind. I am still hoping that my friend and his wife are coping with her cancer as well as they can. I am already knee-deep in work this morning, trying to get ahead of things before the usual tsunami of other tasks starts to arrive later on.
    Hal and I are going to see the new Avengers movie this week. Wednesday will be the day, thankfully we can walk to the theater if the weather is nice. It is one of the perks of living here in the new apartment. We will not have to cross any major highways to get to the theater, and it’s less than a mile from us.
    I took the plunge and signed up for one of the movie clubs, at least this will give us discounts on tickets and concessions when we go to the movies. This is something that we haven’t done in years because we always lived too far away from any theater. The Cinemark theater near us has reclining plush seats and this makes watching the movie less uncomfortable for both of us. Getting older is a bitch, we don’t go out as often anymore because we value our time here at home and also, our sleep.
    Having a theater within walking distance is just one of the benefits of the new apartment. There is plenty to do nearby, within walking distance, but there is not a lot of traffic to make it difficult to get to any of those places. As the weather improves, I am sure that I will get out and explore even more around this neighborhood.
    The day passed without major incident. I managed to stay awake through a conference call that ran 30 minutes past my normal quitting time because of people on the West Coast and their schedules. I was still able to get Hal to work on time.
    The evening while Hal was at work consisted of me working on a song with my guitar as a part of my practice routine. I like to be able to play a song by learning it chord by chord. Tonight I began working on “Island In The Sun” by Weezer. It is not that difficult of a song to learn, so I am trying it out. This has turned into an excellent day.

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