DReamer’s World May 04, 2018 – Let It Rain

For the first time in forever, the weekend has arrived and we are NOT burdened with tons of things that have to be done. It feels great! While we did go out so Hal could pick up a new VR headset, followed by dinner on the way home, we are home for the night. The forecast calls for rain tonight and I say “Let It Rain!.”

It feels so good to be here in the new apartment and not to have a care in the world. Time to relax. I am skipping guitar practice for tonight, although I really shouldn’t, but I just feel too damn good to worry about anything tight now.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. I will take Hal to his job and pick him up afterwards. Between those times, I will just live and relax according to my own desires. I predict lots of sleep and quiet time, with some music thrown in to spice things up. I don’t plan to let anything interrupt my good time, let alone ruin my good mood.

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