Dreamer’s World May 03, 2018 – Scaling Back

    My online presence took a huge hit today. I deactivated my Twitter account and away completely. The decision was a quick and painless one. I was surprised at how it went from an idea to an action within about five minutes.
    Like Facebook, Twitter has become an annoyance more than anything else. When I find myself marveling at how fucking stupid some people can be, I know that it is time for me to save myself the trouble of continuing and simply walking away from the whole thing.
    Just like my Facebook departure, the only announcement is being made here in my blog. There is no point making a spectacle of leaving for no benefit at all. I might lose less than 10 actual friends from Twitter, but that is not a certainty. I feel relieved and renewed after deactivating my account. I predict that there will be no backsliding, I am looking forward to more time for other things besides responding to some artificial stimuli from Twitter or Facebook.

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