Dreamer’s World April 30, 2018 – Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder And Adventure

No matter what happens, I can always find inspiration by watching The Stooges as they go about their business each day. I envy them their ability to find something new and exciting every day. Being a cat must be hard work because they do get lots of rest, but when they are active, there is no stopping them from exploring and finding new things to occupy their interest. I think that they can teach us all a lesson about life.
We usually fall into a routine and then end up complaining about that routine until we finally force ourselves to change it. Perhaps we should start each day with a blank slate and explore the world around us as if we had never been here before. I think that would help our mental outlook and make us all happier.
The world around us is full of things to explore if we choose to see those things. It is a conscious effort, but it is worth it.

Dreamer’s World April 30, 2018 – Letting Go Of An Old Friend And Welcoming A New Addition To The Family

I first started seriously focusing on learning to play guitar about 2 years ago. The first guitar I got was via the Home Shopping Network on an impulse buy.
This was the Keith Urban acoustic/electric model. It was an excellent beginner guitar and I enjoyed playing it for months. Then, I noticed that my progress hit a wall. At first I attributed this to simply being tired, but nothing improved. It wasn’t until I tried playing a left-handed guitar that I realized I had been doing this all wrong.
    Soon afterward, I purchased a Jackson electric guitar that was left-handed and resumed my practicing. The Keith Urban guitar sat in the closet and collected dust because I was no longer using it. I finally made up my mind that I needed to trade it for another guitar, but that had to wait until after we moved to the new apartment. I figured that if anything was going to get damaged, it might as well be the old unused guitar, rather than a new one.
     Yesterday, I finally traded in the Urban guitar for a new lefty Fender CD 60S, and it is a beauty.
    I feel a sense of regret about getting rid of the old guitar, but life does go on, and times change. I am looking forward to many years with the new guitar.