Dreamer’s World April 12 2018 – Ups And Downs

    We all have times when things swing from one extreme to another without any sense of us being in control. It is like waking up on a roller coaster that you don’t remember boarding in the first place, and then just being taken along for the ride. The ups and downs come at you without any preparation, and the best you can do is hang on and try to enjoy the ride.
     I have been on a roller coaster this week. Work has been busy with new tasking and also the preparation for taking next week off because of the move to the new apartment. These changes have made work much more exciting and intense this week. I have been altering my planned daily routine to accommodate things, and so far that has been working out for me.
     The apartment has been invaded by a horde of boxes as the move approaches, and the number will only increase before next Wednesday. We will be more than ready when the movers arrive Wednesday morning. Almost everything is done, that is because Hal has done such a remarkable job of getting ahead of things while I am preoccupied with work. The one last item we have will be to see about getting the keys to the new apartment the afternoon before the move so we can do a proper walkthrough of the new place before it is filled with the migrating horde of boxes and furniture.
     On the personal side, I waited for nearly a week for my new guitar amplifier to arrive. It finally appeared late yesterday afternoon, and I was extremely excited. I opened it and read through the basic instructions carefully. When I applied power to the amp, it failed to turn on. Repeated attempts to check the power cords and connections proved fruitless, so I ended up calling the distributor and letting them know what had happened. Because it was in the evening, the tech people were not available. I am waiting to hear from them sometime today.
     I fully expect either a refund or an exchange. If the option is an exchange, I will demand that the distributor open and test the replacement amp before sending it to me. Because there is the move to the new apartment to take into consideration, I will also demand expedited shipping for the replacement amp so it will arrive here before the move. If this is not an option, I will push for a refund and look elsewhere for a new amp.
     I will not have that much time for guitar practice between now and the move, and that fact depresses me. I seem to be in a motivated phase right now, and I want to practice more. I do have one amp that I can use until a new one arrives, and that will help me. Honestly, if I cannot get a satisfactory settlement with the defective amp and the distributor, I will have to light them up on Yelp and other social media, but I don’t want to resort to that. I want the amp that I purchased, or the replacement, to work correctly.
     This morning, I am still waiting to hear from the distributor about what the next step will be to correct things. I hope that the process goes smoothly and without any unpleasantness. I will not rage against them in the beginning because there are always defective products that go out by mistake, just my luck to receive one of those.

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