Dreamer’s World April 09, 2018 – Monday Blues

    The week has begun, and work is more hectic as I struggle to integrate my new responsibilities into the usual Monday routine. The new tasking was something that I expected, so it comes as no surprise. I will get things taken care of eventually and finish at work so I can drive Hal to his job this afternoon and then pick him up tonight. I predict that I will be exhausted by the time I get to bed tonight.
    My morning was wholly consumed with creating a workflow for my new tasks. I have to make sure that I can still complete my regular work in addition to the new items I have on my plate. The time spent in planning things out will produce better results than if I had just plowed into things without a plan in place.
    I am still waiting for my new guitar amplifier to ship and arrive here. Estimated date of arrival is still listed as Wednesday, so all I can do is wait. I want to get it before the move complicates things. I am sure that the new gear will make practicing much more enjoyable. The best analogy is why would I spend the money to buy a piano when I could buy a good keyboard with different voices and effects? I have hit the wall when it comes to the limited things I can do when practicing guitar and I need something that will broaden my horizons and inspire me to keep learning.
    Actually, I am tempted to get a second amplifier as well. I just cannot bring myself to make the purchase until after I get the one that is on order and due to arrive by Wednesday. At least I know that I can get the other amplifier locally if I decide to purchase one.

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