Dreamer’s World April 06, 2018 – Preparation

       Friday is here at last. After this week, I predict that things will only get busier at work. After my meeting with my supervisor yesterday I found out that I am acquiring even more responsibilities on the job. I suppose this is the reward for doing the things I already do so well. Gaining these new roles also means that I am taking time today to create a plan of action for the future. I am visualizing what tasks I have to accomplish each day, both my regular tasks and the new ones, in order to make the most of my time at work.
       I realize that this attempt will undergo some changes, it is a draft to give me some guidance as things change at work. I do not plan to extend my working hours, I will just re-prioritize things in order to get them all done. Of course, the new assignments will take more time in the beginning, but they should become routine in a short amount of time and not require as much effort. Planning is never going to accomplish every goal without some changes as the situation develops, because I am not in control of all of the variables on the job. I cannot control when people will want me to attend meetings, nor how long those meetings will last. Thankfully, since I work from home, I can multitask without being too obvious about it. This will help to manage the time better.
       There is a part of me that rebels against planning. Part of me prefers spontaneity in what I do. It makes life more interesting and keeps me alert. When a plan becomes a routine, I quickly find myself bored and have to make certain that I pay attention to what I am doing. There seems to be a lesson in this that I can apply to everyday life. Don’t let life get too predictable, embrace the chaos every now and then, and enjoy the exhilaration.
       As for myself, after work today I might go and check out some amplifiers. I am tired of the limited experience I have with the base model amplifier I am currently using when there are much better options out there. If we don’t get out to stop at Guitar Center this afternoon or evening, I can always drop by there tomorrow after I drop Hal off at his job. I will let things play themselves out as the afternoon at work draws to a close.
       I am about to close out here on the job for the weekend. It is time to find out if Hal has anywhere he wants to go, or anything he wants to do before it gets late. I am flexible and although I would like to get out, I can stay here if that is the decision. The idea of taking a nap has a certain appeal, but I can take that nap later.
       Hal and I did get out for a while. I stopped at Guitar Center and nearly bought the amp I wanted, but they were out of stock. After Hal and I had dinner and came back home, I went online to Sweetwater Music and ordered the  amp from them. It should be here by next Wednesday, about the same time that it would have taken ordering it through Guitar Center. Now I can relax for the rest of the evening and look forward to the weekend.

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