Dreamer’s World April 05, 2018 – The Week So Far

    The day started with a mountain of emails that arrived late yesterday. I spent most of the morning responding to these issues as well as preparing my weekly meeting presentation. I somehow managed to get through the morning without any significant problems. There were a few meetings after lunch, but the most important one was my review with my supervisor for the last reporting period. I detest the idea of grading myself.
    The new camera arrived this week. I am happy with how well it performs. The camera has a 40x zoom built-in, and this has given me incredible flexibility when taking photographs. I will post a few of the pictures on the blog, probably this weekend, to show some of the best shots I have made so far.
    My new travel-sized guitar also arrived this week. I didn’t expect it to get here so quickly, the predicted delivery wasn’t until next Monday 09 April, but I won’t complain. When it arrived, I was concerned because the box had taken a beating during shipment. The end of the carton had almost separated, and there were several gashes. I took pictures to document the condition of the box in case of the guitar experiences problems. The guitar seemed OK, wrapped in its carrying case, so I think it survived without incident.
    The guitar tuned up quickly and without any trouble, so that was a good sign for me. I am looking forward to more practice time and less hassle with getting things set up to practice. I will get some pictures of the new guitar with the new camera to post on here.
    After work, I went to my Acupuncture and Chiropractor appointments. I have been sore for the last few days, and I know that I needed the attention. I always feel better after my visits, and I sleep better.
    Hal wanted to go and pick up more boxes for the move, and I decided that gave me an excellent opportunity to stop at Guitar Center and pick up a new cable for the guitar. I also think I found the next amplifier that I will get soon. We had dinner while we were out, and as always, I treasure every moment I spend with Hal when work isn’t intruding on our time.
    Believe it or not, there is snow forecast on Saturday! I am so tired of winter weather. March was plain cold, and April has been the same way, with no sign of warmer temperatures.  

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