Dreamer’s World March 26,2018 – When Writing Tools Fail

    Few things can be as aggravating as having issues with writing tools. Just when I think that I have developed a streamlined way to get my blog posts published, something inevitably goes wrong, and problems prevent the process from working as it has in the past. The reason I developed a system in the first place was to make writing easier. When things work as they are supposed to, I never notice things. When there are problems with the process, they instantly become apparent to me, and I then have to respond to these events to fix them if possible.
    Of course, these interruptions to the routine take time and energy away from my writing, and that depresses me. I have to find a fallback position to resume my blog post and try to retrieve the train of thought I had going. It is never easy to do this, but if I am writing something meaningful, I can usually recover quickly. Today I shelved the original post to write this one. The inspiration for the blog post I wanted is just gone. Perhaps it is a sign that I am not supposed to write about that particular subject right now.
    Experience has taught me not to get upset when this happens. I know that whatever I have designed will eventually fail for some reason, and that is out of my control. Getting angry does no good, although at the time it feels good to release the frustration.

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