Dreamer’s World March 23, 2018 – The REAL March Madness

    March Madness is all about competition, at least that is what the NCAA and TV and their advertisers want you to think. In reality, March Madness is all about MONEY. Make no mistake about it, without the promise of MONEY; March Madness would not be the phenomenon that it is today.
    There is nothing wrong with making money in the abstract sense. It is the way in which the NCAA and TV make money from March Madness that is the problem. The athletes, or student-athletes, cannot legally make any money from showcasing their skills. The same is true for NCAA football. All of the revenue goes to the universities and the NCAA and TV. TV makes their money back by selling ads that make intelligent people want to vomit since they show them over and over and over again.

An interesting comparison

    Imagine two college freshmen roommates at any college or university. One of them attends on an academic scholarship, and the other has an athletic scholarship. The freshman with the academic scholarship could have an interest in computers, or music. The athlete plays basketball or football.
  •     The academic can create software or music and then market those things to the public. The athlete cannot use any of his talents to market himself or those skills to the public.
  •     The academic can start a business to promote his new product and is a visionary or an innovator. The athlete cannot because of NCAA rules, and if he/she does, they are labeled a “cheater”.
  •     The academic can MAKE MONEY through his efforts while attending college. The athlete cannot.
There is something wrong with this system. It needs to change to be equal for both.
I wonder how many would make that equality happen by restricting the freedom of the academic rather than by increasing the freedom of the athlete?

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