Dreamer’s World March 15, 2018 – Time Flies

    Time flies when you’re having fun, at least that is how the old saying goes.  I wonder how it equates to when you are stuck at work, feeling like there is no end in sight? I ask because I am at a standstill this morning due to system upgrades that are being pushed out by the IT department. These updates are impeding my work, and that means that I will have to dedicate more time to these tasks later at the expense of other jobs that I must finish.
     At least this interruption gives me time to write. I have been so busy that I have blog post drafts that will never see the light of day, let alone get published. Things are hectic around the apartment as Hal continues with preparations for the move, although that is still six weeks away. I know Hal well enough to let him do what he is doing and to stay out of his way. Personally, I cannot live surrounded by boxes for weeks at a time. I prefer to pack during the last week before the move. I make a mental list of things that will be packed away first, as well as items that will be donated to charities or just thrown away. I find this routine works best for me.
     I suppose that I have lived with few possessions for so much of my life that I treasure the few I have and don’t want to feel restricted any longer than necessary. After 18 years together, and multiple moves during that time, it should come as no surprise that Hal and I accept the differences and grow stronger together each day. As the morning crawls along, I find that my mind struggles between work that I can’t do right now and flights of fancy as I look forward to warmer weather and the move to the new apartment.
     I want to go and look at a few items that I want for the new apartment. Nothing major, just some shelving units from IKEA. I plan to make two of the shelving units into a headboard for my bed so I will have more storage that is convenient to access. The bed is rather tall, and it is difficult to find headboards that would fit, and I don’t want to spend lots of money on a headboard. Perhaps we will go to IKEA after work this afternoon to check the shelving units out and get some measurements.
     The morning is slowly dragging by, and the laptop is still updating. Whenever one program finishes, another starts. I have no idea how long this will go on. I have no idea how much longer the updates might take because that machine belongs to the client and the updates are their responsibility.
     At least I can use Grammarly app on my other laptop to keep writing to pass the time before I have3 to host my meeting. After that, depending on the status of the other device, the day will get busy, or it will remain boring as the time passes. I love the ability to write using multiple computers while working on the same document without losing my place or any changes I have made. I wish that Grammarly had a Chrome extension that would work with OneDrive, but it isn’t bad the way it is. I just have to cut-and-paste the final version from Grammarly when finished.
     The verdict from IT on my machine is to replace it. Tomorrow will I will get all of the data I need stored in the cloud and also make a software inventory so I can reload the new machine when it arrives here. I have decided that I am staying home after work unless we go somewhere for dinner or to bring something home to eat.

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