Dreamer’s World March 13, 2018 – A Change To The Routine

    I woke up this morning with low BG. I managed to get it under control and started my day here at home/work. After Hal woke up, he informed me that today was the day that I promised to take him to an appointment with his Ophthalmologist. This threw my plans for the day into turmoil, but it was my fault since I had agreed to take him weeks ago.
    The first thing that I had to do was to cancel a meeting scheduled for this morning that will take place when I was supposed to be driving Hal to the appointment. Next, I had to send out an email to people informing them that I would be out of the office, but available via email and cell during that time. I didn’t have any negative responses to this announcement.
    The next thing that I had to do was to save some vital work to my laptop rather than the cloud because I wasn’t sure about finding a good and secure network connection while I did some work as I waited for Hal to finish with his doctor. One of the critical things I had to remember was to pack a power supply for the laptop as well as my earphones for any calls that came through while I was out.
I ended up at a local café while I waited for him to complete his visit. I enjoyed the change of scenery as I was busy with some tasking, and I had something light to eat as well. Consider it brunch on a weekday. As long as I could stay productive on the job while I was out, it was all good and saved me from taking time off work.
All of these things made for an interesting day around here. At least we weren’t involved in any of the wintry weather that passed well to the north of us, and I am grateful for that. The cols weather is getting rather boring, it was warmer in January and February than it has been so far in March, and there is no end in sight.
The café where I sat up the laptop while Hal was seeing his doctor was rather nice. I can see why some people prefer to work from a place like that on a regular basis. I know that I cannot afford to visit a place like that every day, but it made a nice change this morning.
Once the morning adventure was over with, I finished work for the day. Tankfully, the afternoon meetings were canceled due to people being in training. I didn’t complain because not being in the meetings allowed me to get other things done before quitting time. A quick check with Hal determined that we were not doing anything after work that required going out. This meant that I could do some cooking with the Instant Pot and rest here this evening.
I know that tomorrow will be a busy day with me traveling to meet with the client in the morning. I hope to get a good night of sleep so I will feel refreshed.

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