Steve Bannon to French far right: Let them call you racists.

The 4th Reich is closer than we want to admit.


SteveBannon Photo courtesy of the New Yorker

I always say that if you’re a racist, admit it. I have, even though I’m more prejudiced than racist as I have no power to oppress large groups of a particular ethnicity. But some people who have said racist things don’t want to be called racist or seen as a racist. Some prefer to use fancy shmancy words (race realist, alternative right, someone who read the Bell Curve and believes it) instead. Somehow being called a racist is worst than actually being a racist. But to paraphrase Shakespeare and Outkast at the same time, a rose by any other name would still smell like boo boo.

However, one man wants to convince people that being called a racist is not only okay, but it’s a badge of honor, and that man is Donald Trump’s former right-hand goon and former Dr. Doom behind one of…

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