Dreamer���s World March 10, 2018 ��� The Little Things

Saturday is here. I just took Hal to work and came back home. I am not sure what I will be doing today other than starting to throw out items in preparation for the move next month. The first place I will start is my bedroom closet, which has become a disaster area over the last few months. The first pass through resulted in one bag of clothing to be donated, as well as several bags worth of items to be thrown away at the dumpster because they are no longer used/needed. It’s a start to the process, and it will make Hal happy because he always wants to have the entire apartment packed up three weeks before we move.
    I noticed that my IFTTT app seems to have crashed and I wasn’t aware of it. This means that some blog posts have not been getting through to my WP and Blogger accounts. It will take some time to determine which, if any, of the posts I want to resubmit. I am sure that researching this problem will take a few days.
    I made it back from lunch and am feeling good about the rest of the day. The only negative thing is that our cable tv seems to be all fucked up today. Since I don’t watch that much tv, I am not really concerned, but I am certain that Hal will be calling the provider when he gets home when I tell him that it isn’t working. The account is in Hal’s name, so even if I wanted to call, the company wouldn’t listen to me.
    I will make another round in the closet later today to gather moer items that are going to be thrown out. Things will be coming together gradually the next few weeks without any real stress. Clothing will be easier than I thought. If I see something that I haven’t worn in the last year, there is no need to take it with us to the new apartment next month.
    Hopefully, this post will be published and the IFTTT problem corrected today.

3 thoughts on “Dreamer���s World March 10, 2018 ��� The Little Things

    1. Yeah, we did move a year ago. Moving again because the apartment management company changed and the new one is awful 🙂

      1. I’m so sorry to hear about the negative change with the management company. Here’s hoping that things go smooth with your move, and it will be in an apartment that you guys can enjoy for decades!

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