Dreamer’s World February 27, 2018 – Starting Another Day And Hoping For The Best

    After a long Monday at work and a late night due to picking Hal up from his job, and night without quality sleep, Tuesday has arrived. I hope that all of the efforts I put into pushing through things yesterday will show results today by reducing the quantity of “emergency” items I have to deal with. I know that today will be an 8-hour day rather than the 9 from yesterday and that knowledge will help me to get through whatever Tuesday has in store for me.
    As I tried to organize things to get today started, I found a note from Hal reminding me that the first of the potential movers will be here today to have a look around and provide an estimate of what they would charge to move us in April. This will happen in the middle of the day, and I am hoping that it won’t cause too much interference in my day at work. Regardless, things like this have to be done.
    At least I know that there aren’t any conference calls scheduled during the projected time for the mover’s visit. Hal will handle the business with them and collect the estimate so we can make a decision later. It is best to get things like this arranged as early as possible since the move is just over 7 weeks away as of today. We would like to have everything all set as soon as possible so we can focus on other things right now.
    I am glad that yesterday is over. Today will present its own set of unique challenges, and I will be ready for them. I can be secure in the knowledge that there is nothing that requires us to go anywhere after work, at least, not at this time. I hope that things stay like this, but I am prepared to take Hal anywhere that he needs to go if necessary.
    All of the obstacles, both real and imaginary, will be overcome by the end of the day. There just might be some adventure out there that I am not aware of yet that will present itself later on. I think that it is best to keep an open mind for the possibilities that life might have in store for us, and just enjoy the ride.

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