Dreamer’s World February 27, 2018 – My New Libratone Noise-Canceling Headphones

For a long time, I have wanted to get a pair of good noise-canceling headphones. I had set my sights on the Bose QC-35 II headphones, but I never got them because of the high price tag. I had been getting my personal finances under control and really started trying to justify spending the money on them, but something always held me back. Perhaps it was the high price, maybe it was just common sense, but I wouldn’t buy them unless they came down in price by at least $100.
    Eventually, the desire to get new headphones subsided because Bose never recognized the mental messages I was sending to them. I am an audiophile because I love music, and I wasn’t impressed by any of the noise-canceling headphones on the market. After xmas, I figured that I would just wait until something new or better came along. I never gave up on the idea of getting new headphones with noise-canceling, but other priorities were more important to me.
    Just over a week ago I was browsing the web one evening, and I decided to check out the Google Store website. I looked at the accessories that are available for my Google Pixel 2 XL and was very surprised to see that there were noise-canceling headphones available in my price range. I had not heard of the company called Libratone before, but my curiosity was aroused.
    I began to search the web for Libratone and was surprised at the positive feedback that the company was receiving for their products, including the noise-canceling headphones. Of course, there were YouTube videos that showed the noise-canceling headphones, the Libratone Q-Adapt Wireless On-Ear Headphones. I was intrigued by them and kept up with my research.
    I reasoned that if Libratone was considered a good enough brand to be allowed in the Google Store, that there had to be something worth checking into. With the research I had been conducting, my mind began to realize that I might have found the headphones I was looking for.
    I finally broke down and ordered the headphones. They arrived a few days later, and I must say that I am tremendously impressed with them. There is an app that Libratone makes for my phone that allows me to control the noise cancelation without any trouble. I have tested them around the apartment, and I have had no problems at all. They are heavier than the Bose headphones, but not to the point of being uncomfortable to wear, and that is a huge benefit.
    I found that one of the advantages to the Libratones is that since they are on-ear rather than completely covering the ear, I don’t get the cabin pressure syndrome from wearing them for an extended period of time. They look classy, and that is an added bonus as far as I am concerned. The active noise cancelation works very well and is no problem to adjust as needed.
    Of course, any headphones are only as good as the sound quality that they produce. The Libratones are excellent in this regard. The sound quality is right up there with Bose, perhaps a bit more bass than the Bose give me, but I can live with that. The mids and high ranges are crystal clear at all times. I haven’t blasted them at full volume because I never do that with headphones under any conditions. That is why the noise cancelation was so crucial to me in the first place.
    I would recommend these headphones to anyone who wants a great sound experience with the option of noise cancelation and a stylish look that isn’t seen everywhere you go.
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