Dreamer’s World February 18, 2018 – The Promise Of Spring

    As I spend time with my thoughts on this Sunday afternoon, I noticed the sunlight streaming through the windows. It is so nice and warm, although it is also blinding to the point where I had to close some of the blinds to be able to see properly. I thought about how beautiful things are right now, and then I realized that Spring is just over a month away according to the calendar. I also know that Spring arrives on its schedule.
     As I thought about these things, I grabbed my phone and shot some pictures. The images are timeless, and I am glad that I took them so I can remember them as I write. Some of the pictures are haunting, for lack of a better word. They aren’t scary. Perhaps melancholy is a better term since they signify the passage of time and the change of seasons as another year moved past us all.

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