Dreamer’s WOrld February 18, 2018 – Down TIme

    Sunday has arrived, and I face the pleasant prospect of not having to work tomorrow due to the holiday.  It gets better because I am taking the rest of the week off for personal time, also known as vacation. The downside is that Hal has to work this weekend and again Monday evening as usual. His schedule isn’t an issue because we have no plans for any trips while I am on vacation. There is too much coming up in the near future for anything like that.
     We are moving in April to a new apartment. We signed the leasing agreement on Friday afternoon after I had finished wo=rk. I am glad that we found a place so quickly, with a minimum of effort. We stuck to the apartment communities that we had not selected last year when we moved out to Centreville, and that made the process much more manageable. Our time here has been great until the new property management company took over in January. In less than two months, this new management company has pissed us off to the point we decided to leave when our lease is up in April.
     The new apartment is only about a mile from where we live now. It is run by a company that we have a great experience with them in the past, so Hal and I are both comfortable with the decision to move there. The new apartment will have a lake view, and it will be about the same size as where we live now.
     I am not going to name the property management company at this time because I want us to be completely free of any attachments to them when I light them up for their stupidity. Their time is coming, rest assured of that.
     We survived the attempted winter storm here in the DC area without any real difficulty. Snow that fell yesterday, but it melted on contact. Sleet also fell yesterday, but that melted quickly.  This morning the weather has warmed up nicely, and any snow that lingered on grassy areas is already gone. The forecast calls for temperatures in the 70s by the middle of the upcoming week, and I am looking forward to that.

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