Dreamer’s World February 12, 2018 – Last Week Before Vacation

    Today is the start of the last week before vacation. Naturally, I already wish for this week to be over. Troublesome insomnia happened again last night, so I am starting this morning punch drunk as I try to focus on the essential tasks that I have in front of me. Most I can do by habit, but there are a few new ones that require more attention because I am filling in for another co-worker who is on vacation this week. A long day is in store for me before I have to take Hal to and from his job this evening.
    The weekend flew past. I wonder where the time went. All I can remember is rain. Well, rain and UK losing on Saturday. Thankfully, I have already washed my hands of this years UK basketball team. I use the word “team” very loosely with this group of players because they have not gelled into a unit yet. They still play like the bunch of talented individuals that they are, but this means they are making no progress. Years have passed since I got upset over sports, now I just accept the results and move on. No amount of stress or worry will change the outcome.
    I find that sports are less important than it used to be for me. I suppose that it was too important for a long time, but I think it is the tribal nature of sports that made me cling to them for so long. Moving around the world as I have during my life meant that sports provided an anchor of sorts, but now I realize that I no longer need that in my life. Other things give me stability on a daily basis, such as my relationship. I am no longer adrift in the world; I have my place and my safe harbor to protect me from the storm. Sports is now what it was intended to be, a pastime and something to enjoy rather than something to make me worry.
    The first two hours at work were the worst. Between fighting off the after-effects of insomnia and the avalanche of incoming emails, I was exhausted by 0900. At least I was able to moderate the pace of things between 0900 and lunchtime. Sadly, this feeling is the new normal around here. Until I can find a permanent solution to insomnia, I will be faced with this problem every Monday. I went to bed at 2100 last night only to wake up at 0100 this morning, and I couldn’t get back to sleep until nearly 0400. I cannot go to bed early this evening since I have to take Hal to and from his job. If I were able to fall asleep while he is at work, I would just be up in the middle of the night once again.
The other thing that I can try to control is my BG levels, especially before bedtime. I know that I sleep better when the BG is in the excellent range, but managing it throughout the day is often more difficult than I would like it to be. I will make an effort once again today and hope for the best. It is the most that I can do here.
    The latter part of the workday passed rather slowly. For a change, there weren’t any back to back meetings. I did have time to catch up on things before signing off at the end of the day. That gave me enough time to take a shower before I had to drive Hal to his job. I marveled at getting through the day, and once again I found myself looking forward to Friday when I can start my vacation at last.