Dreamer’s World February 05, 2018 – The Roller Coaster Of Insomnia

    I managed to get a decent night of rest for a change. Of course, this was only after Saturday night, when I woke up at 0200 and stayed up the rest of the night. At least I feel much better today after nearly 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
    Thankfully, this morning has not been hectic at work, except for computer issues that always seem to happen on Monday morning. I had to contact IT with the help of a coworker since I couldn’t send an email stating that there was a problem. I am still waiting to hear from them over 3 hours later, but I googled the issue on my personal laptop and found a workaround that got me up and running this morning. With any luck, the work machine will not act up anymore for the rest of the day.
    I am happy about the outcome from the Super Bowl although I didn’t watch until the last few minutes of the game since I saw that the score was close. As long as New England lost, I am happy because I am sick and tired of them. I thought of my friend Donald as the game ended. Donald was killed in a motorcycle accident several years ago, and he was from Philly. Obviously, he was a huge Eagles fan, and I am sure that he would have enjoyed the game. I texted his daughter, and she was ecstatic. I haven’t heard from Nicola yet. That isn’t a surprise since she moved back to Scotland last year, but by this time she knows what happened.
    On the personal front, aside from insomnia, I am doing well. I want to get this day over and be productive at work before I have to take Hal to his job late this afternoon and then pick him up late in the evening. If the traffic isn’t too bad, I might stop at Costco for a few things while Hal is at work. In short, another typical week starts for me. I just hope that it will be the week when insomnia finally goes away as well.