Dreamer’s World February 02, 2018 – Zombiefied Friday

    Taking a nap seemed like such a great idea after work yesterday. I slept like a rock for almost 2 hours after Hal decided that we didn’t need to go anywhere or do anything. When I woke up on the couch, I felt terrific. I should have known at that point that the feeling was too good to last. I was awake most of the night with insomnia once again, and I have to make it through 7 hours at work today before the weekend officially begins. I am so used to this bullshit that it doesn’t phase me anymore. I know that I will survive the day at work and then some things must be done afterward, so I will venture out with Hal to take care of those things while keeping the exhaustion at bay until we return home in the early evening.
    The main thing I need to do is to make a trip to the grocery store. There are some items I need to cook this weekend while Hal is at work. These are perishable items, so I can’t get them and then have them sitting around for the better part of a week before using them. At least I can get some custom-made items from the local Wegmans supermarket such as cut veggies that are prepared for me when I tell them what I want. Wegmans is the only supermarket I have ever seen where they will do this, and it is a time-saver in the kitchen since I don’t have to cut up all the veggies myself. I will be picking up green pepper, onion, and celery and carrots while I am there.
    Once that is over with, we might stop at Target and Best Buy on the way home for a quick look around. I can use a laptop sleeve for the Surface Pro 4 and also another one for the Chromebook so they will be safe while traveling in the Chrome messenger bag since it doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment. The laptop sleeve is not a critical item to get today and can wait until I find the right laptop sleeve at the right price. If we don’t go to either Target or Best Buy at all, I won’t be that disappointed.
    My primary objective is to get to bed early tonight and hope to defeat insomnia for a change. I know that I will be up early to take Hal to work in the morning, that is a fixed event and the time won’t change based on how I feel tomorrow. The next challenge will be staying awake and productive while Hal is at work on Saturday. The same problem has to be solved, and that is getting to bed early and hoping for the best when it comes to sleep.

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