Dreamer’s World February 02, 2018 – Why Can’t Evernote And Grammarly Play Nice?

    I wish that Evernote and Grammarly would play nice with each other. I would love to see an Evernote extension for Grammarly so that I could write a post in Evernote and have Grammarly check it as I type. Grammarly offers this for MS Word and it is awesome. I am trying to find the writing solution that eliminates cut-and-paste but allows for great spelling and grammar checking. Grammarly wins the spelling and grammar check without any real challengers. Evernote offers me the ability to format things just the way I want them in every other way and then using IFTTT to publish the blog posts to my blog sites without any worry. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use IFTTT with MS Word at all, and that is a shame. The drawback is that MS Word will publish directly to WordPress, but not to Blogger, where I also maintain a blog. If there are any developers out there who can figure out a way to integrate Evernote and Grammarly without having to switch windows and then cutting and pasting, I think that you could make a fortune.

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