Dreamer’s World February 01, 2018 – Friday Eve

    Today is Friday Eve. I always refer to Thursdays as “Friday Eve” because it means that we are one day closer to the weekend. I have been busy this week at work, as well as dealing with lack of sleep for far too many nights, so I am ready for the weekend to arrive. Sadly, the weekend doesn’t bring the relief that it used to because now I have to take Hal to and from his job since he can no longer drive. This is a small price to pay for over 18 years of a wonderful relationship, but it does cut into time I would have spent sleeping or doing other things.
    With luck I will get more rest tMy objective is to be in bed before 2200 on Sunday night because I have the long day on Monday since I take Hal to p hurting me more than I would like. One other thing that I have changed is my dependence on social media. I fouhis weekend. I already have planned to go bed early rather than stay up late. As I get older, staying up late ends uo. nd t hat I was checking sites constantly on the weekend, afraid that I was going to miss something important only to discover that I missed nothing other than sleep. I can always record MST3K on Sunday night and watch it later during the weekand from work Monday evening and don’t get to bed before 2300 if I am lucky.
    Because of those things, I am glad that the weekend is nearly here. As for today, I am waiting to conduct my weekly teleconference and then I will get some lunch before the endless rounds of afternoon meetings start. I have some research that I have to finish today, and I will do that as I listen in on the afternoon meetings.
    The afternoon meetings are worse than I feared. Nothing is being accomplished, everyone at HQ is arguing with each other and I have to listen to them. Thank goodness for the mute button as I struggle to avoid making comments as I tune everyone out and focus on my tasking here. I made it through the meetings with my sanity nearly intact. I am amazed at the time wasted with these meetings.
    Hal decided that we didn’t need to go anywhere after work, so we stayed home all evening. I took a nap after work, but it cost me overnight as insomnia returned. I am still looking forward to the weekend.

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