Dreamer’s World February 01, 2018 – Changing The Routine

    Sometimes a change to the routine is what we all need. Last night, Hal and I spent the entire evening binge-watching “The Flash” on Netflix while we just cuddled together on the couch with The Stooges. Hanging out was a change from the typical routine where we were each occupied with phone calls and surfing the internet. Something rekindled without any special effort; we spent the evening talking and laughing as we watched the program together. The Stooges noticed the difference, and they all spent parts of the evening cuddled up with us. It was a beautiful time together, and I look forward to another evening like that soon.
    The only change that I will make the next time is that I will go to bed earlier. I slept well last night, but I know that I need more sleep to get things back on track. I also want to avoid the temptation to try doing this every night because then it becomes the new routine that we must break at some point. The important thing is to find the happy compromise, just like every other aspect of life.  The Flash will still be there; we have plenty of episodes left to explore and enjoy together.
    Today is the first day of February. I know lots of people who consider January to be the longest month, but personally, I think that February just goes on forever. February is the middle of winter, and it tends to produce the worst weather in this part of the country. All of the worst snowstorms we have endured in the DC area during our time here have occurred in February. The rule is that once we pass President’s Day weekend, we won’t have any more big snowstorms. Regardless of that, I am taking a week off immediately after the holiday just to recharge my internal batteries. I don’t plan to leave the area because of Hal, so I will just enjoy the time off with him. Who knows? Perhaps we will do more binge-watching?