Article: Alex Jones claims false report of missile headed towards Hawaii was orchestrated by Trump���s opponents to embarrass him



Alex Jones claims false report of missile headed towards Hawaii was orchestrated by Trump’s opponents to embarrass him


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From a January 13 video posted to Alex Jones’ YouTube channel:



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ALEX JONES (HOST): I wasn’t going to shoot a video or live report today because we didn’t have enough information. Then I began to get calls from my CIA sources, my high-level Army intelligence sources, and analysis from my Delta Force sources and just many others that there is no way, no way that this was an accident and that somebody pushed the wrong button because there’s five fail-safes. These are not computerized systems, they get computerized readings, but then humans have to flip off or on five switches to then manually activate the alert.

Now, again, this afternoon I started hearing about it, I looked at it, I see it, I think that sounds strange. I then start reading my Twitter, my Facebook, I see all these people that have veterans accounts and people in special operations who are known, public figures, saying this is impossible, there’s major fail-safes. Then my phone rings from not one, but two, one former State Department source, another CIA, then my phone rings from someone who associated with Delta Force, then I get some more phone calls, and they are like, “Why aren’t you covering this? This is huge. This is gigantic, this is meant to embarrass Trump, this is meant to destabilize things,” and it’s meant to distract from the fact that there were Uranium One indictments that turns out came out yesterday that nobody noticed, it broke today, those are on With people connected to the Clintons, the indictments have happened. And also that there was reportedly, evidence shows, a second shooter in [Las] Vegas in the new FBI search warrants and that indeed, as our hostage rescue team sources at the FBI told us the day after it happened, that what we broke on air from our sources is exactly what’s in those and that he was an arms dealer and it was an arms deal gone bad.


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