Dreamer’s World January 11, 2018 – Exploring Writing Tools

    I have been exploring ways to streamline how I create my blog posts. Right I’m using the Ginger keyboard app on my smartphone, and typing directly into Evernote. I am probably going to be researching this approach for a few days at least. The Ginger keyboard takes some getting used to at first, but I can see some advantages to it as I slowly work with it.
    I am starting this portion of the blog post on the desktop version of Ginger. It is similar to Grammarly desktop, but with some differences. These differences won’t make much of an impact on my writing, except for the incessant prompts for me to upgrade to a priced plan of Ginger. Here’s a hint guys, STOP HASSLING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS before we have had the chance to test your app out! I want to make a decision based on how this performs, and not on a reaction to repetitive ads to upgrade.
    So far, I have one major complaint about Ginger. I have a habit of typing that often neglects to lift my finger away from the shift key in time to avoid capitalizing the first 2 letters in a word. This is something that has troubled me for years and I don’t need lectures about it now, I need an app that will recognize and prompt me to correct those mistakes. So far, Ginger has failed with this. I still have to proofread myself to find these aggravating errors because Ginger will not even highlight them for me.
    Another and more serious difference is that Grammarly will show items that I have written and I can select to continue writing those particular entries at a later time.
    I must admit that it didn’t take me long to decide that I prefer Grammarly over Ginger for the simple reason that Ginger doesn’t seem to have the option to save something that I write so I can go back to it later to continue and finish.
    Another drawback is that the font doesn’t merge into Evernote as neatly from Ginger as it does from Grammarly. Not a big issue, but something that makes another step necessary when trying Ginger.
    Obviously, I am sticking with Grammarly for the time being because it offers more and is easier to use for me.

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