Dreamer’s World January 10, 2018 – Riding The Undulating Waves Of Life

    I was stuck trying to think of a topic to post about today. I have sworn off the daily routine things as much as possible. I decided to go to the Daily Prompt page on WordPress and found that today’s word is “Undulate.”
    “Undulate” signifies a smooth wavelike motion. Life is seldom like that, it happens more like the waves in a storm, but the concept is sound. I try to surf the waves of life every day to the best of my abilities without falling off the surfboard. The ebbs and flows of life are what keep us moving. If we try to manipulate the undulating waves around us, we will drown due to all of the effort of struggling against the tide.
    I find that it is best to deal with the undulating waves of life as they occur. This morning was a great example of how life works. I traveled to the client’s office for my weekly meeting and was talking to a friend of mine about his holidays. I knew that his wife was very sick. Cancer sucks, there is no other way to put it. He told me that his wife is preparing for hospice care now and that the doctors had given her about 90 days left.
    I debated for a minute about how to respond, and then I realized that any words I could offer would be somewhat meaningless for him. The waves were undulating around me, and I had to be careful how I navigated through them. I told him that I was there to help them if they needed me, an empty phrase that I know he has heard countless times already. He responded with the expected “Thank you,” and I knew that I could proceed with talking to him. I told him that the time they had alreadd\y shared together was a gift and that the time they had remaining was even more valuable. He told me that she was too weak to do all of the things that they wanted to, and I said that he should merely be there as much as possible for her.
    I could see him struggling with his own unique set of undulating circumstances. I call him a friend, but acquaintance would be a correct term. Through the years there have been plans for all of us to get together, but the events took place without notifying me. This behavior proved to me years ago that I was not really on the “friends” list in their lives, and I accepted that gracefully and never questioned it. I never let on about how I had felt, and this wasn’t the time to go into it. I decided to offer to help once again knowing that the offer was not going to be accepted. As emotionless as that sounds, I had successfully navigated another undulating wave.
    As I left to return home, I was glad that I had spoken with him even if it was just the expected things that were said. There could be no other outcome. I feel sad for both of them and wish that there was something I could do. I had to accept that all I can do is to listen.
    I have spent time on the beach, or on a riverbank, listening to the undulating waves. There is a soothing quality to them because they have no evil or malicious intent. The undulating waves are merely there to give us points of reference in our lives. Ride the waves, but try not to disturb them at the same time