Dreamer’s World January 09, 2018 – No Sleep

    Insomnia has returned to my life once again. I wish I knew what was causing it to happen to me tonight, but I cannot. As the clock reads 0200, I get up from my bed and wander to the desk and start up the laptop. I decided to write directly into Grammarly this time, so I can correct as I type and then transfer the post over to Evernote. Once that is done, I then have to insert a tag onto the note, and it will publish to both my WordPress and Blogger accounts without any further effort on my part. Perhaps this is the simplified writing toolset that I have been seeking. I only have to cut and paste once, and that is after the grammar checks are all complete.
   I know that sleep will not come for at least 2 hours. Insomnia and I are old friends, but the type that I dislike running into at any time. I suppose I should be grateful because before the last two nights I had gone for months without insomnia. The recurrence just adds to the confusion about why it reappeared.
    Perhaps this will be the last visit for awhile. I certainly hope so and will try to do everything necessary to avoid it this evening. No matter how tired I become, I must resist the temptation to take a nap because that usually backfires on me later on when I go to bed for the night. Until then, I will write and think about things that might be keeping me awake as my old friend Insomnia sits and laughs at me.

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