Dreamer’s World January 07, 2018 – A Quiet Anniversary

    Yesterday was the big day. Hal and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. Hal had to work during the day, so we kept things very casual and had a quiet evening at home after I picked him up from work. A small gift that I purchased for him did not arrive on time, which was disappointing, but I told him that it will hopefully arrive early next week.

    I made dinner last night in the pressure cooker, and that turned into an adventure. I learned that the pressure cooker is so fast that chicken and dumplings were ready in less than 10 minutes. I would never have suspected that it would be ready so quickly. It turned out to be delicious, but not until after I had started to get really mad at myself for believing that I had screwed up our dinner.

    The cold weather kept us at home, and we decided against going anywhere to celebrate. Hopefully next weekend will be warmer, and we can do something then. It wasn’t a big deal to either of us because after 18 years there isn’t much that we haven’t done for our annivesary.

    I took Hal to work again this morning and will pick him up this afternoon. I have some time to myself to reflect on the day as well as the last 18 years. We are happy, and that separates us from so many other people in the world. We are grateful for our life together, and we are looking forward to many more anniversaries.

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