Dreamer’s World January 04, 2018 – Listening To The Howling Wind Outside The Window

    I am glad that the brunt of the winter storm missed us. Nevertheless, after what might generously be called a light dusting of snow, I can hear the strong winds blowing outside, and it makes me glad that I am inside and warm. I don’t mind the cold as much as the wind, that is what makes it feel so awful outside this morning.

    As I work, I am trying to drown out the roar of the winds with some soothing Jazz playing on the Google Home Max speaker. A Wagnerian opera soundtrack would seem more appropriate this morning, but I want to soothe my mind and mellow out as much as possible. As I debated about what music I wanted this morning, the choice became apparent, and now the Jazz is flowing smoothly around me. Since so many people I work with are in Norfolk, they are at home dealing with their much worse winter storm today. This meant that I canceled my regular Thursday meeting because most of them will be unavailable. While I take a few minutes to write, I realize how fortunate I am to be here, with only the wind to contemplate.

    I wandered through the apartment and saw that Hal (person) was on his BR headset talking to someone. The Stooges are laying around and sleeping soundly. I wonder if any of them hear the wind? It is so easy to filter out the sound if you put your mind to it like Hal, or just ignore it. There are times when I would like to have the choice to ignore things that I don’t care for, but most of the time I have to face those things head-on.

    I was contemplating the jazz as it played, and then the windmills of my mind turned to the subject of headphones. My first thought was what was new and full of features. Then I looked behind the monitor on my desk and saw my trusty Bose headphones that are probably 6 years old. I threw them on and was blown away by how great they sound. That was the last time I thought about getting new headphones. I am happy with what I have, although there are things that will probably arrive for my birthday in the next few days. My birthday isn’t until the 20th, but it seems that items always come early. The best gift is being warm and safe on this windy day.

    As I waited for the last meeting of the day, the wind is stronger than ever outside the window. It gives me a sense of continuity for the day. I know it sounds weird, but since the day started with the wind blowing fiercely, it will seem strange when it finally subsides.

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