Dreamer’s World January 3, 2018 – Living Every Moment


     Being happy is something that everyone wants in their life. Sadly, this is impossible because life doesn’t work that way. We all go through highs and lows, and we have to remember that this is all a part of the journey. If everything were perfect all of the time, we would have nothing to indicate that we are happy at any given point in our life.

     As insomnia keeps me awake, I think about this. There is nothing pleasant about not being able to sleep, but it can lead to some useful time for thinking if I let it. I know that there are things that demand my attention as I try to sleep. Writing is one of those things, and I am allowing it to occupy my mind in the middle of the night as the rest of the world sensibly sleeps.

     I wish at times like this that I could not have insomnia, but that isn’t my choice. I have to deal with this in the best way that I can. At least I know that I will not be traveling to the client’s office later this morning because it is just too damn cold to stand around waiting on a bus just to get me to a train station where I have to stand around waiting for a train. The first thing I will do when I start work this morning is to notify the client that I am not coming in today but that I will be available via phone or email if they need to reach me.

     As a part of the things I will do while I am awake, I am writing this blog post in Google Docs for a change. I want to have some different experiences to stimulate my mind as I cannot sleep.



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