Dreamer’s World December 26, 2017 – Return To Writing After Time Off

    I am back after a self-imposed hiatus from daily writing. I felt that I needed the time away, although I did start to write blog posts from time to time over the last few days, I realized that I just needed to rest and take a break from everything to do with the daily routine. Everyone needs a break from time to time, and this was mine. I feel reinvigorated and ready to start again as the short and quiet week at work also demands my attention.

    The holiday was quiet. Hal and I stayed here all day yesterday. The stark contrast with years past was driven home by not hearing from Nicola. She is in Scotland now and spending time with her relatives, and there is nothing wrong with that. Hal and I had already resigned ourselves to losing the close contact with her that we had maintained over the last 15 years, but the first xmas without at least hearing from her was rather abrupt. I hope that she is well and happy, and her life goes from one pleasant event to another without interruption. She has gone through a lot, and she deserves good things in her life.

    I spoke with an older (much older) cousin yesterday. She is 86, and I hope that this will not be the last xmas that we have a chance to talk with each other. I have to be prepared for the worst because she is in failing health. The scary part is that once she is gone, I will have lost everyone from Dad’s side of the family that really maintained a relationship with me as I traveled the world.

Looking back it is obvious that my decision to break with the practice of staying in the area, marrying locally, and becoming another clone. Mom and Dad both encouraged me to get away and see the world. They were each the outcasts of their respective families, and the desire to do more with my life was something that I realized as a young child. I have no regrets about my life, I am happy with how things have turned out. To the family and friends I left behind, I am the wild-eyed monster who left home and was “corrupted” by the outside world. Yay me!

So the holiday is behind us but New Year’s Day is approaching fast. Hal and I will stay home for the NYE festivities just like we did for xmas. We have 2018 to look forward to, and we will be just fine. I feel great after writing today. I look forward to doing this again on a daily basis.

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