Republicans’ Plans To Discredit The FBI Has Been In The Works For Months

Gronda Morin

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Democrats are saying they learned on the evening of December 21 that that a group of Republicans had been secretly meeting for months to plan for a propaganda campaign designed to undermine the credibility of the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into the Trump/ Russian probe.

Recently the republican President Donald Trump’s sycophant republicans in the White House, the US Congress and the right wing media have ratcheted up their campaign to attack the FBI, the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, the Trump/ Russian probe, itself, FBI agents like Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the DOJ’s deputy attorney, Rod Rosenstein, the FBI’s General Counsel James A. Baker. This is all being done in order to have the republicans’ base of loyal followers develop doubts about any of the negative reporting that is expected to be forthcoming, as a result of the FBI’s Trump/ Russia probe.

  Retweeted 12/23/17

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