Dreamer’s World December 20, 2017 – Things Are Finally Slowing Down

    I hope that today will be a better day than yesterday. At least, I feel better as Wednesday starts. Due to the holiday schedule, I am not going to the client’s office today. Ironically, I will have to go there at some point next week.

    Yesterday I did manage to start cooking the roast in the crockpot. It will be all ready for dinner this evening, and I will be starving by then. The crockpot itself is probably due for replacement because it is over 10 years old and seems to be cooking more slowly than in the past. I broke down and ordered a pressure cooker/crockpot on Amazon, so that will be ready for a test sometime later after the roast is finished and I need to cook something again. I figure that I can get something to replace an item that is no longer working as it should for xmas.

    I am feeling much better this morning compared to yesterday. I do not plan on making any trips after work, but of course that all depends on Hal and what he wants or needs to do. Personally, I am looking forward to a quiet evening here at home for a change if that is possible. There are a few items that should be arriving here today via Amazon, but nothing major. Actually, Hal and I are all set for the holiday. The most important thing is that we have each other and we can look forward to celebrating 18 years together early next month.

    Since I am not traveling to the client’s office this morning, I have some time to myself. It is a nice change to avoid the commuting nightmare. I realize just how lucky I am that I only have to do that one time a week. Working from home has its advantages and downsides, but overall I love it and am grateful for the opportunity. When I venture in next week on Wednesday or Thursday, I am sure that it will be a breeze since most people will be out on vacation.

    The best news of the day is that most of the meetings have been canceled for the afternoon. Some of them will still take place because there are Type A personalities that have to be assuaged, but the number of meetings is definitely declining. I can get things done this afternoon without having to listen in on all of those pointless meetings for a change.

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