Dreamer’s World December 19, 2017 – Not A Good Start To The Day

    For some reason, I could not sleep well last night. I woke up this morning feeling like a pile of crap that had been left on the road and repeatedly flattened by passing trucks. My BG is high, and this is always a sign that I am not doing well. I will try to get through the day at work, and then I want to crawl back into bed as soon as possible this afternoon. Having my bed just steps away from where I work makes this very tempting, but I want to get done with tasks for today before I surrender to exhaustion and crappiness.

    It isn’t surprising that I feel this way on Tuesday morning. I had to be out later than usual since Hal works Monday evenings and I had to take him to and from his job. I hope that getting the BG under control and sleeping will make the awful feeling go away after work. I have already completed one primary task this morning, I hope that the way I feel doesn’t reflect on the outcome of that project. The only thing missing from how I feel right now is a pounding headache, but that will probably appear later in the day.

    I have my music playing through the Google Home Max here as I work. The only thing that would make me feel worse right now would be NOT to have my music. I subscribe to a Spotify playlist called “Brain Food,” that always makes me feel better. I predict that I will have music playing as often as I can today except conference calls that I must attend this afternoon.

    I did get to the grocery store last night while Hal was at work and I finally found a decent roast at a decent price that I will be cooking later this week. I also got some ground beef and onions to make chili so we will have that here as well. Of course, all of that effort in the kitchen depends on me feeling better at some point. I want to have things ready in the next few days because the holiday is approaching fast. The roast beef will go into the crock pot for almost 24 hours to make it incredibly tender, along with some potatoes and onions for flavoring. The only item I forgot was a green bell pepper, but if I don’t get that before I start cooking things will still turn out fine.

    I realize that as bad as things are this morning, that I am still incredibly lucky. I have Hal and The Stooges here with me, and there is nothing I treasure more in the world. Hal has been checking In on me as I work throughout the day, and The Stooges have all come in at various times to do the same thing. I am afraid to think how this day would really feel to me if I were alone. I have spent years without anyone special in my life, and I never want to be like that again.

    The day ended with me taking Hal to do some shopping after all. Luckily, we weren’t out late and I managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

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