Voter Suppression Efforts Could Determine The Outcome of Alabama’s Special Elections On 12/12/17

Gronda Morin

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For years the republican lawmakers in the State of Alabama have being trying to pass Voter ID requirements in order for US citizens to be able to vote and they finally succeeded in 2011. This law was specifically designed to suppress voters from Black and/ or minority communities from being able to exercise their constitutionally protected right for access to the ballot box. For an excuse, the republicans keep trotting out their talking point that the voter ID laws were implemented to prevent voter fraud but every credible study has demonstrated that their claims regarding the high incidents of voter fraud have been false.

Then in 2015, the Alabama’n republicans added an additional hindrance by   shutting 31 driver’s license offices because of supposed budget cuts. Two columns on subsequently noted that the cuts—which come on the heels of a 2011 law that requires voters to show government-issued IDs—disproportionately…

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