Dreamer’s World December 11, 2017 – Happiness Is Unexpected Laughter

    Laughter has been described as the best medicine for life and its struggles. I find that this is a very true statement, especially at this time of the year. With everyone stressing out over the holidays, laughter seems to be in short supply. We seem to be far too busy with things to ever observe life and find the things that will make us laugh. Personally, I know people who find the idea of taking time to enjoy life as something that they cannot do. They are too focused on their own priorities and deadlines to enjoy the time that they have. There will always be enough work and pressure to go around, I find that taking some time to laugh and enjoy life makes everything else go much more smoothly.

    Each day I try to find something pleasant to take my mind off of the routine things that always demand my attention. The Stooges often make me laugh. I envy them their carefree lives, where the only stress is the imagined fear that they will not be fed on time. I wish that my own life was as relaxed as theirs.

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