Dreamer’s World December 11, 2017 – Getting Some Help At Work

    Working from home means that I get to enjoy a lot of little things that I would miss out on if I was at an office. This morning, I was visited by one of my supervisors, also known as The Stooges, and I took the time to get a picture of how Stevie Nicks inspects me while I am working.

    Stevie Nicks arrived in the bedroom, slowly walked around and observed everything, and then perched herself on the edge of the bed to review my performance. Fortunately, she agreed to have her picture made to show everyone out there how an elegant supervisor checks on her employees. Unlike some supervisors, Stevie Nicks is always ready for a photograph. She is always elegant and graceful and carries herself with a certain charm that is so rare.

    I am glad to report that Stevie Nicks found no problems with my work. She exited the room with casual grace. I found myself thinking about how lucky I am to work from home and have a supervisor like Stevie Nicks.

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