Dreamer’s World December 07, 2017 – Perceptions

    Perception is a funny thing. We often base our opinion on something visual due to our initial impression of what we think we see. This was made very clear after I took a picture of Hal The Cat yesterday. I caught him as he was waking up on the couch. He was stretching and trying to yawn and meow at the same time.

    When I saw the picture, I was stunned at what I saw. In the picture, Hal looks completely evil, as if he was posing for a Halloween picture. In fact, Hal The Cat was actually in a great mood and only this photo snapped at this one moment in time would give the impression of the CAT FROM HELL!

    How often do we catch something at precisely the wrong moment when we are forming an opinion? The perception we form will determine how we will choose to interact with the person or object going forward. Hal The Cat is a creampuff, but someone seeing this image of him without the proper context would think that he is evil, and nothing could be further from the truth.

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