Dreamer’s World December 01, 2017 – Happiness Is Being Yourself

    December has arrived at last. I am amazed at how quickly this year has passed. With all of the turmoil in the world, we seemed to jump from one crisis to another without a break. The RWNJ lunatics have attempted to destroy the world by following the marching orders of Der RumpenFuhrer, and that will not change in 2018. We can only hope to continue resisting until the elections and then throw them out of Congress. I hope that will be the case, but I learned a long time ago that stupid people are hard to reason with. The combination of religion, fear and hatred is very potent and too many people would rather swallow that toxic mixture than think for themselves and see what is really going on around them.

    On a personal level, my decision to boycott the news has paid off for me. I still have my opinions and beliefs, but I am not constantly being thrown into emotional chaos by the media. I just told Hal that I will NOT listen to Der RumpenFuhrer just because he is speaking. Giving him attention just makes him worse. I cannot change things by myself, but I know that millions of Americans agree with me. Preserving my personal sanity is the first objective of surviving these difficult times.

    Since today is Friday, I am looking forward to the weekend. While there are no big plans since Hal will be working, I am probably going to contact a guitar teacher about taking lessons starting next year. While I am not 100% certain that I will do this, it is on my list of things to consider. I will keep practicing on my own for the time being and see how well it goes and how much progress I can make between now and 2018.

    The day at work has been a slow one. This comes as no surprise since it is Friday, I just hope that it stays slow for the rest of the day. I got everything done that I had scheduled, and unless something comes up after people arrive on the West Coast, I should be able to get through to quitting time without any trouble.

    After work, I hope to get out with Hal and do some grocery shopping and perhaps look at some tech toys at Best Buy. I am still waiting for word on the release date for the Google Home Max. I read an article yesterday that it will be available on December 11, but that is not confirmed. I can afford to wait since that doesn’t cost me any money.

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