Dreamer’s World November 30, 2017 – Caring

    We live in such an insulated world. We can create our own realities and shut out those around us with all of our technology, but does that really matter when it comes to those people and pets that are closest to us?

    After I started work this morning, I heard one of the Stooges, Spartacus, meowing from the other room. Hal (person) heard the same thing, and we both instantly detached ourselves from our own little worlds and arrived at the same time to find that Spartacus had been sick. He had vomited on the carpet and the other Stooges, Stevie Nicks and Hal The Cat, were already near his side. Thankfully, Spartacus was okay after his accident, but the quick response from all of us made me realize how much we all care about each other. All of us had dropped whatever we were doing to come and check on the one who was in trouble, and that is what caring is all about.

    This is a microcosm of the world, of course, but it does show that we still have empathy for those around us if we respond to our instincts. Sadly, we too often try to diagnose and rationalize things, so we don’t have to react or care. This is a particular trait of people rather than animals.

    Think about the response we have when we see someone who is homeless. We react not with our basic human instinct to see if we can help, we will rationalize to find ways not to get involved. We ignore our instincts and create the world that we now inhabit. This is a world where we attempt to control and compartmentalize everything around us. We have created our new “normal” and centered everything around ourselves rather than the world we actually live in.

    If you have ever been in public and witnessed an accident or someone in distress, you see the struggle take place. Some people will respond instinctively and try to help while others will stand by and observe because they cannot shake themselves back to reality. The aftermath of these incidents is when you notice how everyone eventually talks to each other about what they witnessed, how they tried to help or failed to, and how it has affected them.

    It is this fundamental human communication and interaction that we all crave. It is a tragedy that in our modern world that something out of the ordinary is required to make us act as we should. The emotional release is visible as people respond to each other. Sadly, the veils soon drop down to cover our faces once again, and we return to our own little worlds.

    Caring for each other is not a political issue. It does not require some type of external judgment. Caring for each other is merely the right thing to do at all times because it allows us to be who we are intended to be.

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