Dreamer’s World November 28, 2017 – Happiness Is Being Well-Liked

    Snoopy And The Gang presented me with a real question when I took the daily picture. Is it okay to be well-liked? This is a tough question for me. I have never sought acceptance from large numbers of people. I prefer to have a few really close friends who like me in the most genuine way rather than being well-liked by a large number of people who really don’t know me that well.

    I realize that I feel differently than many people, but I suppose it comes from my own background. As a child, I was taught to be self-sufficient and not to compromise myself for someone else’s benefit. When I took part in activities in school, it was because it was something that I wanted to do, not because I felt that I had to do it to be or to remain, popular. Whenever I see a movie about high school, I can quickly identify with the cliques that form among people. I was always on the outside, but I was not struggling to gain admittance to those cliques. I was happy with myself and the choices I made. I have remained that way throughout my life. I am grateful that my parents instilled a healthy sense of ego in me. It has served me well ever since.

    I have always maintained a small number of friends. They come and go as life dictates, and I accept it and keep on moving. It is never easy to lose a friend, but I accept it for what it is, and I don’t look back. I know that there will be new friends who I have not met yet and that I will be “well-liked” as I feel the same towards them.

    As for Snoopy And The Gang, it is important to be “well-liked”, but it is not the quantity of friends that we have, it is the quality of those friends. That is what helps to define “Happiness”.

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