Dreamer’s World November 28, 2017 – Happiness Is Hearing A Favorite Tune

    Once again, Snoopy And The Gang have come to my inspirational rescue this morning. I saw the card about hearing a favorite tune and realized that there is no way I can select less than 100 “favorite” tunes. My musical taste is too varied, and I find myself switching genres multiple times a day.

    I varied my morning routine today. Instead of waking up and then sitting down at the computer, I forced myself out into the chilly air for a nice walk and covered just over a mile. I feel better as a result. I knew that I would, I have just neglected to do this because I had gotten lazy.The people I usually interact with are all late arrivers at work, so the time taken for the walk has no impact on things.

    Back to the topic of tunes. I had several flying through my mind as I walked. I didn’t take my headphones with me, that is something I will try to remember the next time I venture out. When I got back home, the first thing I did was to hit my Google Music on random play, and I am now enjoying an eclectic mix of everything except C&W. I have to admit that I just don’t like C&W at all. Each song that I hear takes me to a different unique time and place in my life. The circumstances are too personal and far too complex to retell here, but I am sure that you know what I mean.

    One of my favorite artists has to be The Cure. I always have such vivid memories when I hear their songs. There are days when I can just put The Cure on random play and the hours just melt away. I love their lyrics and melodies, many of which have a haunting quality to them. Listen to “I Will Always Love You,” and you will know what I mean.

    One of the best purchases I made recently was the Google Home Mini because it allows me to control what I am listening to with my voice rather than having yet another remote control here on my desktop.

    I have had so much fun with the Google Home Mini that Hal ended up getting one for himself, and he loves it as well. I am eagerly waiting for the Google Home Max to arrive in December.

    I am willing to incur this expense because I love my tunes and want to have the best experience with them when I am home working and relaxing. The Google Home Max will just allow me to get a better system on which to listen to my tunes.

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