I was so excited to have Hal home on Friday that I neglected this blog. No earth-shattering tragedy, to be sure, but I was actually happy to not write due to pleasant circumstances for a change. In the past, I would let the blog slip for multiple reasons, most of which were neutral when it comes to how they affected my life. Exhaustion was the most common reason for skipping a day or two. In hindsight, that sounds more like an excuse than a real reason, but what is done is done, and I can only move forward from here.

    Hal had a great time in Philadelphia, and I was glad to hear all about the stories he brought back. I paid attention to each and every word until he saw me looking at him and asked: “What is the matter with you?”. I told him that I was just overjoyed to have him home again. He smiled, and that was all that I needed.

    I am glad that Thanksgiving is behind us. Now the xmas holiday rushes towards us at full speed. I honestly don’t need anything, but I know that Hal will get me something and so I will get him something as well. Right now, there are no plans for Hal to travel again, but I know that can change rapidly, and so I must always prepare for another holiday on my own.

    Today, the standard work week returns. There is a slight change since I have an appointment this afternoon and will shift 1 hour from today to tomorrow. Other than that, this will be a full work week once again. I have enough to keep me busy at work.

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