Dreamer’s World November 21, 2017 – Randomness

    I woke up this morning as usual. I measured my BG and then went to the kitchen and found that Snoopy And The Gang had received a visit from at least one of The Stooges last night. The little cards that Snoopy works so hard on at his typewriter were all over the counter and the floor. As I thought about the card, I used for my post yesterday I knew that there was no way that I could ever get them back into whatever order they had been in before, so I just randomly picked them up and placed them back at the typewriter.

    As I did this, I was struck by the inspiration that Snoopy And The Gang so often provide me. As much as we try to organize our lives, there will always be a necessary amount of random chance that we have to deal with. When I looked at the cards I had placed back at the typewriter, the first one talked about Happiness Is Wherever You Call Home. This was the perfect thing to get my imagination up and running for the day.

    I channeled the morning events into my day. I talked with Hal after he woke up about what we will do once work is over with this afternoon since he will be leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow morning. By this means that I once again face Thanksgiving here on my own. Some randomness is a good thing because it makes us realize what it means to be alive. I know that there are instances when this is unwelcome, and I don’t welcome sad or unpleasant interruptions to my life. I refer to times when we have to adjust our lives to things that upset the daily routine.

    I am taking the message from Snoopy And The Gang and embracing whatever happens today. It feels good to be alive.


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