Dreamer’s World November 20, 2017 – Trying To Get Things Back To Normal

    One of the most terrible things about being diabetic is the day-to-day struggle to keep my blood glucose under control. Every day can be a challenge, and I have to face them without flinching. There are times when I have noticed that the change in seasons drastically affects me. I will have my BG under control, and then it will go berserk on me.

    This fall has been tough for me. As I adjusted to a new doctor after a search that produced several disasters, I noticed that my readings were going high longer than they normally would this time of year. Around this time, I also had to deal with my insurance changing from one company to another. This necessitated a change in my medications, and that certainly didn’t help matters.

    The new doctor prescribed a different medication than the one I had been on. Also, the time to take it changed from bedtime to first thing in the morning. The resulting readings really depressed me. I followed the instructions to increase the dosage until things were back under control. I am almost there, but there is still some tinkering to do with the dosage to finalize things. At least I am making progress. The last adjustment really seemed to help me out, so one more change should do it for me.

    The biggest thing is that as I get back to normal BG readings, I have to remind myself that how I feel now is how I am supposed to feel. It is hard to explain. I hope that things calm down and things do get back to the way they should be.


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