Dreamer’s World November 14, 2017 – Producing A Monster Like Roy Moore

    The news has been full of the story about Roy Moore. I believe the accusations against him because I was taught in my own childhood that someone who claims to be “Holier Than Thou,” is usually just full of shit, and far worse than those he persecutes. I am saddened by the stories of the women that this man has molested and abused. I believe that there are more stories to come shortly, and they need to be told.

    Some people have wondered how such a monster can exist without being punished. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, and I can attest to the power of denial. The only solution is to get out. Eventually, the outside world will find out about the local secrets when someone like Moore embraces the spotlight. When a monster like Roy Moore lives the double life of a pedophile and respectable citizen, it is amazing how many people will ignore the monster. Add in the public embrace of the religious dogma and Roy Moore manages to get away with his crimes and no one speaks up.

    It comes as no surprise that it took outside investigators to find out the sordid details about Moore. The culture of silence is strong when someone well-known is involved. The first thing that many will think is that outsiders are trying to destroy a local person who has embraced something like religion, regardless of their own ugly behavior. The more loudly Moore proclaims his religion, the less likely local people are to challenge him because doing so will present them as non-believers.

    I believe that all religion is nothing more than a giant Mind-Fuck to those it affects. When enough people suffer from it, they begin to attempt to impose their own beliefs on everyone else. Wrapping himself in a flag and carrying a Bible and a gun, Moore presented himself as a protector of the local values, and I am confident that more people knew his secret than not. This is the hypocrisy of the entire damned situation.

    Roy Moore will remain a hero to those who wish to see nothing more than the sham of his religion. Those people are allergic to facts that contradict their own beliefs. Unfortunately, these people are in charge in so many places like Alabama. I find it interesting that those places so often fall behind the rest of the nation regarding progress, yet they feel persecuted when the truth is that no one with a real progressive view of the world wants to live in places like that. Those places are left to stew in their own juices and the resentment simmer and boil until it cannot be contained. They see their backwardness as a badge of honor, yet they wonder why so many people just pass them by and want nothing to do with them. These are the places that produce monsters like Roy Moore.

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