Dreamer’s World November 08, 2017 – A Change In The Weather

    Wednesday is the day when I travel to meet with the client. This means driving to the commuter parking lot early in the morning when it is still dark. Add to that the weather change and this morning was cold as I waited for the bus to take me to the train that would get me to the neighborhood where the client’s offices are located. I dressed for the weather, but the cold still managed to seep through and chill me to the bone. It has me considering purchasing a new coat for this winter since it will only get colder on the Wednesday mornings when I have to make the trip.

    The trip back always presents another set of problems because I have to try to time my return trip to the Metro station so I won’t have to wait around outside for an hour. The bus only runs every 60 minutes through the middle of the day, and I have been unfortunate enough to get there right after the bus leaves and had to wait around for the next one. Obviously, I am trying to avoid this situation with the colder weather, so I will get off the train if necessary at an underground station and wait for a later train that will get me to my stop closer to the time that the bus will leave. This will be an inconvenience, but I can deal with it since there is no other reasonable option. This is the first time I have faced this particular obstacle because we have always lived closer to Metro and had better ways to get back and forth. Things changed when we moved out here, so a solution has to be found to deal with the colder weather. It took a while to get warm after I returned home in the middle of the day. I am not sure that I want to go back out, but if Hal needs something, I will take him. At least I will be able to dress better without the suit and tie that restricted my options this morning.

    I am grateful that I don’t have to endure that commute every day. I doubt that we would have moved out here if I had to make that trip every day. Since I work from home, I will endure the discomfort of traveling one day per week during the cold weather.

    We did stay home after work and I was glad of that. Tomorrow will be a short day with the holiday on Friday and I don’t want to feel bad from being out in the cold.

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